How To Save Money On Accommodation

Welcome come back how to save money on accommodation. Well we know that accommodation is after the flights. We just spoke about the second biggest cost factor traditionally you would look up a hotel that fits your budget and that’s more or less about it.

Well luckily that’s not any more the case today. There are lots of different options. We can book nice accommodation that fits your budget that are sacrificing the calm for that out thinking about sleeping somewhere in a rundown hotel or a hostel in the middle of nowhere. No that’s not a. And I’m gonna show you exactly how and where to find those accommodation. The free option. CouchSurfing Schiffner issues of sleeping on a mattress are so far at a stranger’s house.

Coach surfing is your answer. You can simply sign up create a profile and browse through dozens or hundreds of hosts at your destination make sure to read the reviews properly before you book house sitting.

Most house sitters are away for a couple of weeks some even for a couple of month. If you have an apartment or house or even a villa for yourself and no or almost no expenses maybe you get to pay for water internet or electricity.

You still may have to do a bit of work such as looking after pets and mowing the lawn. These days typically free you have to pay a little fee to the website you’re booking through. This helps to screen travelers and hosts better home exchange. Similar to joséphine but you exchange or swap your home.

It’s pretty easy. First list your house or apartment then look for someone’s house or apartment exchange messages and you go to theirs. At the same time are different dates. Also here you may have to paint and low membership fee for the site.

Your state is typically free. The cheaper options are being Bianco through the so called Home sharing of vacation rental websites. You can book apartments houses villas or even castles at really affordable rates. Plus you may state in some spectacular places you can find on any traveled site you can also just rent a single room at a house or apartment.

It all comes down to your personal preferences and budget of course. International web sites for example are Abhiyan be vendue vacation rentals dot com tripping dot com V RPO or 9 flet hostels hostels once enjoyed Whitall the reputation of being cheap shady places.

No the pages have turned while still being cheap hostels went through a kind of renaissance the past 10 years. You can now find every where clean run and often extremely stylish hostels travel overnight whenever possible travel overnight that saves easily one to two nights at a hotel plus bus and flight tickets are significantly cheaper.

The hotel option after all you just may want to rest your head at a hotel or a resort but everything else is taking care of. But sometimes we just browse through hotel booking sites see higher rates or just hotels. We may not like so he has to plan take a bit of time and research a number of hotels you’d like to stay at.

Research their rates on some of the hotel booking sites then reach out to them call or drop an email and ask for better rates. Hotels have to pay commission to these sites which basically act like a middleman and of course they are more than happy to save money and let you book direct with them.

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