How To Save Money On Flights

Welcome back how to save money on flights. Now one of the biggest cost factors definitely your flight ticket. But before we jump right in.

Let me make sure that I’m not talking about credit card rewards because I know that this is only playable for a certain number of countries.

I want to keep this course for everyone so that everyone can benefit on it. OK let’s jump in. No I’m getting offers to ask you about the best days to book a flight.

How many weeks or a month before Shall I book. Is this rocket science. And then let me tell you it’s not it’s not rocket science. So in this lesson we covered the following.

The benefits of signing up for a newsletter and loyalty programs well you should always set flexible dates. The best season for getting huge discounts dates to a white male you should always use low cost airlines how to really save a ton of money every time you fly.

Well you always should compare prices and flight hiking websites. So first sign up for airline newsletters you’ll be automatically informed about the latest way of mail without going back to the airline’s website to check on deals and discounts right after you’ve signed up for their newsletter.

Also sign up for their loyalty program no loyalty program helps you earn points whenever you fly with this particular airline. But often also have been flying with other airlines. Given that they accept are part of the same loyalty program for example Abilene and Etihad Airways Another plus is that loyalty program members are receiving offers and discounts before the public does.

For example I’m an Air Asia loyalty member and getting invitations to a huge discounts 24 hours before the public does. And no you don’t have to have a specific level or amount of miles for that.

Secondly you can even collect points without flying Many airlines have partnerships with all types of businesses for example car rentals. So make sure you read the terms and conditions properly for signing up and check on potential business partners.

Second always be flexible with your days unless you are really really buntu specific dates. Always be flexible. Every flight search engine has this option where you can take a little box. Make sure you ticket and compare the prices. What if your flight is $70 cheaper the next day you’ve saved.

Easily expensive for a day or two even depending on the country. Also consider in direct flights. Choosing a flight for the stop. Always always cheaper than a direct flight third book of flight during low season. Of course if possible for you say you want to travel to the Maldives don’t fly during high or peak season.

Now the high season or a sunny season last from October until May fall the peak season is always around. Holidays like Easter are Christmas basically the time when families are often able to go together on vacation in order to figure in the low season.

I recommend using VIKKY travel already official tourism picture of your destination avoid Meekins flight tickets and it’s really more expensive on weekends as most people are off. Hence prices tend to be higher than during weekdays. Travel early in the morning or in the evening if you have the option of course.

That’s why it’s actually possible. Say I want to travel here from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.

I always book an early morning flight because it’s significantly cheaper. Use low cost airlines. There are dozens of low cost airlines in Europe and Asia such as easyJet Ryanair Lion Air and Air Asia for example.

Book early and keep always an eye on sales and promotions. Only travel to carry on many regional and low cost airlines and more and more long haul carriers of various price years starting with the simple basic price that includes nothing more than your seat and one carry on.

Ask yourself what you want to travel and whether or not you need lots of items. So you want to travel for just two or three days to London or Hong Kong. What do you really need. Do you actually need eight shirts four pants and three pairs of shoes. Let’s say you travel as a couple for a week to somewhere in one seat with the base price and the carry on only and one seat with additional luggage.

By not adding additional luggage to your booking you can potentially save a ton of money every time you fly.

Compare prices always always compare prices. Don’t just rely on one flight search engine use always another one.

Check the airline direct. Also look for special fares and combined offers Air Asia for example of us so-called Air Asia purse that lets you fly to eight destinations around Southeast Asia.

Plus Lillis hundred sixty dollars. They are also numers flight hacking websites that inform about airfares.

Basically airfare is within the computer system that allows people that are flexible and fast enough to book extremely discounted tickets. Here’s some sites I check regularly the FS Potter come fly for free dot com Vivier are deals dot com. Mighty travels to come and secret flying dot com. So as do a smaller recap.

Always sign up for newsletters to stay informed about specials and promotions. Also sign up for the loyalty program to collect miles. Be flexible with your days and tick the box when searching for Flight Travel you in low season.

This will definitely save you hundreds of dollars. Don’t fly on weekends but during the week when booking your flight only for the carry on option if applicable of course.

Always compare prices and sign up for flight making websites and in the next lesson I’ll show you how to easily save money from booking a flight stat..

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