How To Save Money On Tours & Excursions

How to save money on tours excursions now booking you too can be a really tricky thing as you never really know what to expect.

Yes you can book a cheap tour but you most likely end up at some kind of tourist trap similar. But the other way around.

You’re asked to pay a ton of money for some incredible life changing experience but end up having a rather average experience organized commercially around tourists are expensive and therefore the best ways to arrange your own tour.

How by city passes are available online through your destinations tourism authority or other official recognized Tourism Authority shops.

You will have mostly free transportation in addition to huge discounts or even free entrance to parks attractions and museums.

Different cities have different systems but the city prices usually come along with the booklet of falters or a separate city guide. All participating businesses listed this person’s last usually 24 48 or 72 hours in some cases even up to one week.

And the best thing here is you get to see only what you want and other options are free to us. There are many companies that run free to us in major cities around the globe.

For example some of them in Berlin or Big Apple greeters in New York also become a member of Coach surfing Facebook groups. A lot of locals who will be more than happy to show you the city.

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