Why Travel Planning Is Important

The 5 Steps Of Travel Planning
The five steps of travel planning now failing to plan properly is the main reason why people spend too much money on the holiday or even worse that even don’t start planning because they just simply think they can’t afford it.

It’s too expensive. But actually it isn’t. It just comes down to proper planning. And in this lesson I’ll show you how to plan easily properly how to manage everything without the hassle. Most of the people think it is.

Let’s get started.

Number one decide where and when to go picking a destination and the time period is the most important thing because it makes your plants concrete and way way easier to plan. See most people fail to plan properly or to pick the right destination and the time period. And that’s the reason why many people fail to travel or to plan properly and spend a lot of money.

It’s way easier than you think. Say you want to travel to Southeast Asia. Make a plan. Where do you want to go and when do you want to go there. Do you want to travel to Thailand.

If yes when do you want to travel to Thailand during the high season. Are you using during the low season. Do you want to go to the south. You want to visit the islands or maybe to the southern part of Thailand where the mountains are where you want to travel to the US and if he is where do you want to travel.

Do you want to travel to Florida to New York to Los Angeles to Hawaii perhaps make a plan write down. Write it on your computer or just on a normal piece of paper and make your plans concrete number to decide the length of your trip.

Now since you already know your desired destination its time that you think about how long you will be at your destination. Are you going to travel for a week maybe only a week and maybe 10 days of 14 days maybe three weeks or maybe even four weeks. Its very important that you going to be clear about the length of your trip.

Number three research and set the costs. See by now you’ll be exactly knowing where and when to go. And now it’s about the money. First make a plan.

Where do you want to stay. Are you going to backpack. You prefer an economy. Hotels are prefer rather luxury hotels. Then research the cost for food and potential extra expenses. Tours for example say you want to travel to Berlin and the daily expenses would be sixty five euro including accommodation but without the flights and you want to travel for 10 days you exactly know that you need

six hundred fifty euros. You have to save 650 or less in order to have a proper holiday in Berlin. Make it about 700 euros. It’s always good to put a little bit on top just to have something extra on the side.

Number four check on visas depending on your nationality and the destination you may need to apply for a visa. It’s important to take this into consideration when planning your trip. As you may need to apply early enough for a visa it’s important that you get your papers early enough ready in order to have your visa right in time before you leave your country.

So number five start saving money. Now it’s time to save for your trip. Write down all the current expenses to see where you can save people spend tons of money every day through minor purchases that add up immensely to cover here coffee there. Some snacks here and there some snacks at the bus station or a coffee from the train station.

A night out with friends another night out at friends. Subscriptions to magazines to cable TV and to other stuff. Say you want to travel in six months and your budget is $1500. You know you have to save a dollar and thirty three cents per day. That’s basically only a few coffees in and a few snakes.

See how easy it is. Take a piece of paper and write down potential expenses you have every day.

Be honest. You have to be really tough to yourself. Write it down. Where can you save money every day. What can you cancel. What way can you step back on. Write it down. Make it fun. Put the money in. Put the money on the side.

Don’t touch it. And easily. You can have C $1500 in six month 33 things it’s nothing. It’s easily manageable. Right.

How To Easily Save Money

Hey everyone let’s talk one more time about the money saving point. You see we say that the trip will be about $1500 which means you have to save $8 and 33 cent on a daily basis for the next 180 days for the next six months.

Now the question is how and where can you save this money. So you have to ask yourself the question where do you spend a lot of money on coffee maybe cigarettes snacks or eating out.

Are you eating all that very often you’re going out with your colleagues very often are on the weekend. Are you going often to restaurants or to bistros or a pizza. Do you have any subscriptions give any subscriptions to magazines or repurpose to cable TV. Or are you going out for clubbing and partying like on the weekend or after work.

Are you a freakin shopper. Are you a shopaholic. I like to buy new things every now and then. Well I you very often going for shopping. Now what I want you to do is create a simple spreadsheet and write down your daily expenses for the next two to four weeks. Now you have to be really really honest to yourself that’s very important.

Only this way you can see really where you have too many expenses and based on that you can calculate how much you can save over the next hundred eighty days. Get a piggy bank and put the money in.

On a daily basis put a dollar thirty three cents in on a daily basis. Get a big piggy bank. So you’ll be really rewarded in six months when you have $1500 to your name and you can easily poop you trip to decide at destination. I hope that makes sense to you. And I see on the next list. Thank you very much.

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